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Pilgrimage under one hat - on the way with Sandra

Bavarian Swabian Way of St. James  

Interim balance

Mid-January 2021 - interim balance

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Weather condition:  20 cm of fresh snow, and the trend is rising

Maybe these 120 km were not nearly as exhausting as the 800 km I had planned in Spain. And yet they had their (pilgrim flies) pitfalls.


Don't always postpone - just do it  

Somebody in the universe has gently given me to understand what a pilgrim greenhorn must be able to get into. The set goal  I am proud to have achieved it, because it has not always looked like it in the last two years. What matters to me is that I left and actually had this experience.  At the same time, I'm looking forward to continuing my pilgrimage at some point and challenging the command center and circuits again.

How should it go on?  

Shortly after Augsburg, the Way of St. James divides into a western and an eastern route, the  reunite in Bad Grönenbach. The plan was actually to continue this stretch of the eastern route from Augsburg in 2020. And then a single pilgrimage report  above  to write my total distance traveled.

But unfortunately it didn't work out with the continuation of the path in 2020. Before the view back becomes too blurred, I now have at least my last year's summer impressions during the second lockdown  written down.

The clear goal for 2021 is to continue on this path. To wherever.  

I hope that my report has made you want to hike on other hiking routes as well, in case the Spanish route to Compostela is also denied us in 2021, which it almost looks like.


Not far from your own front door you can have great experiences, listen to yourself and meet yourself and others in a variety of ways. Even in pandemic times.

You can find it everywhere, the little pilgrim's happiness.

Confucius always knew!  

to the follow-up stage 

Augsburg - Göggingen

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